"Stunning piece, exquisite playing, beautiful video. We're running out of superlatives!"

- The Strad

"... it was the Gildas's acute accounts of Emma-Ruth Richards's accomplished short movement Marinela de Predare Plange, and Colin Matthews's String Quartet No 4 (2012), a superbly inventive, seven-movement construction in a post-Brittenish mould, that really made the occasion worthwhile."

          - The Sunday Times

"... the gifted Gildas Quartet ..." 

          - Geoff Brown, The Times

"...a performance which was both exhilarating and moving."

- Music in Allendale

“The Gildas Quartet had the finest appreciation of Haydn’s style, not least his sense of fun.”
“...a quality string quartet of outstanding musical values and capability.”

          - Ian Stuart-Hunter, Perth Chamber Music Society

"Quartet open season with style and passion."
"...excellent performance."

- Northumberland Gazette


"The Gildas Quartet has a certain raw sincerity which is infectious and addictive."

          - Amanda Adams, Darlington & Stockton Times (Full Review)


"They were unbelievably good - our audience stamped their feet and shouted for an encore."

          - Music Nairn


“It was constantly astonishing to hear what the four musicians got out of their instruments.”  

          - Thomas Wintgen, Remscheider General-Anzeiger


“They played Haydn in a very stylish manner, with no 'Emperor's new clothes' gimmicky falseness so prevalent these days. How refreshing and sincere they are.”

          - Keith Pascoe, RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet


“★ ★ ★ ★ ★” 

          - David Kettle, The Scotsman


“… they brought a richness of tonal colour and textural variety to each work and a terrific drive and vitality…”

          - Cecilia McDowall, Composer


“★ ★ ★ ★ ★” 

          - Andrew Connal,