Surround Sound Sessions

This was a shared musical journey with a difference. Seated or lying down on cushions, gone was the formality of the concert hall. The Gildas musicians played in the four corners of our cafe/bar with no music stands, and we became part of a wonderful memorised performance of sheer passionate intensity.
— Sue Dorey, Clapham Omnibus Theatre
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Surround Sound Sessions is the Gildas’s award winning performance concept which has already won the quartet the Audience Engagement Prize at the 2018 chamber music competition in Graz ‘Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne’.

We play in our quartet because for us it is a thrilling and addictive experience to spend our lives surrounded by the sound that four string instruments make together. 

We want to bring this up-close thrill directly to you too, without the distance of a concert platform.

We are offering short, intimate performances where as a listener you are seated in the midst of our sound, with us - the quartet members - spaced out so that the audience is immersed from all sides, in full ‘surround sound’.

Each session will centre on only one quartet work and will last around an hour. We would like to give everyone a chance to really get immersed in the music that we play, and we think that a short but intense musical experience can sometimes have even more impact than an entire concert programme.

Have you ever been to a concert and realised that it took you half an hour to settle in and relax into it? Ever felt like you would have liked to rewind and hear bits of the music again? We would like to break down a barrier or two to help with this. We’ll start the session off by talking with our listeners about the piece and the interesting things we’ve discovered while we were working on it, and we’ll play you parts of it before you hear the whole thing, so you can get to know it a bit better. The more we play a piece, the more we get to love it, and so it stands to reason that the same might go for listening. 

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In the run-up to a Surround Sound Session, we’ll share a series of short videos with you about the music and let you in on our rehearsal process a little bit. We might chat about our favourite recording of the music we’re playing, and share a quick preview from our rehearsal. It won’t be anything very formal, but we’d love you to dip in and get a flavour of what’s to come.

We will be performing in all sorts of venues including schools, universities, offices and private houses, as well as more conventional concert venues. These performances are aimed at an audience of 30-40 people.

If you are interested in booking a Surround Sound Session for your school, workplace or for a private occasion, please drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.